Virtua Quest

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Video gaming's original 3D fighting series, Virtua Fighter, serves as the source material for this action-adventure from Sega. Players take the role of a young boy named Sei, who lives far in the future and hopes to grow up to become a great treasure hunter. Like other treasure hunters in his time, the boy searches the vast realms of cyberspace for his quarry. Soon after his explorations begin, however, Sei is asked to help search for something else -- other treasure hunters who have mysteriously disappeared.

In his adventure, Sei is joined by a small, robotic sidekick, who helps with certain cyberspace tasks and techniques. In addition, Sei is armed with an energy beam "wire" that allows him to swing from platform to platform, and also to tether his opponents in battle and perform special combo attacks.

As in the fighting game series on which it's based, much of the action in Virtua Quest comes in the form of hand-to-hand combat. As the young hero explores the various environments of different cyberspace "servers," he'll encounter "Virtua Souls" -- the spirits of famous Virtua Fighter combatants -- who can teach him their special fighting moves. As the player's character gains new fighting techniques, the challenges he faces become more difficult and the rewards more powerful.

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