The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning (pre-owned)

Product Information
In an effort to appeal to all types of gamers, Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning is designed to be a new experience that shows a darker side of the cuddly purple dragon. With an attack system designed to make use of four elements (earth, fire, ice, and electricity), Spyro can now abandon his patented head-butt assault and chain together 12 different attacks for nearly irresistible destruction. Players can upgrade the elemental assaults over the course of the game, and use the "Fury" attack to clear enemies from a large area. The gems that were currency in the last few games can now be used to recharge life, breath, and the "Fury" gauge. Different enemies are more vulnerable to certain attacks, while they brush off others as mere annoyances. For example, a lava monster won't mind a fiery attack as much as a shot of ice in the eye. Sparx, Spyro's dragonfly companion, takes a more involved role in A New Beginning, and a handful of Hollywood actors voice characters in the game.



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