About this product Product Information The white PSOne is a compact variant of the first Sony PlayStation gaming console, offering the same classic gaming action while taking up much less space. It uses the same standard controller as the first PlayStation, complete with analog, directional, and dual analog controls as well as the classic square, triangle, circle, and X buttons. This slim PS1 is compatible with first generation PlayStation games such as "Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit", "Soul Blade", "Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage", "Tomb Raider II", "Resident Evil 2" and more. In fact, there are thousands of excellent titles that you can enjoy on the Sony PS1. With this edition, the ports for the memory cards and controllers are situated directly inside the motherboard to ensure fast data transfers. It's an extremely light console that weighs just over five pounds, allowing you to readily transport it with you when traveling. There are hardly any cords to manage, so setting up can be a breeze. The dimensions for this PlayStation measure at 11.2 x 9.8 x 3.2 inches. This Sony PlayStation system is powered by a 34MHz RISC processor that runs at 32 bit speeds. With 1MB of VRAM and 2MB of RAM, these consoles can handle demanding games. This version of the Sony PS1 runs on the standard 4.4 BIOS and works properly in all NTSC U/C regions. This model also comes equipped with 24 channel stereo sound, which makes for high quality audio for the games you play. The PS1 is admired by fans for its ability to work as a music player. Sony wanted users to be able to appreciate the orchestral soundtracks that accompany many of the PlayStation's video games. That desire translated into impressive musical hardware that you can use to enjoy your CD collection. Whether you're a life long fan of the Japanese role playing game genre or you just want to play one specific game from your youth, this retro gaming console can do the trick. It can also a good choice if you want to play CDs and build your gamer credibility at the same time.



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