Soccer Mania (pre-owned)

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The LEGO license, having already been applied to such racing and adventure titles as LEGO Racers and LEGO Alpha Team, now invades the sports genre with LEGO Media's LEGO Soccer Mania. Energizing the more traditional format of the sport, teams consist of six players per side, and the fields are enclosed to prevent the ball from going out of play. A standard collection of tackling and shooting abilities for the players are provided, and power-ups in the form of bombs, shields, or rockets that speed the ball toward the opposition's net can be acquired during play.

The license comes to the fore with the ability to customize the look of each of your players, allowing for the creation of a motley band of pirates, cowboys, Martians, and other assorted LEGO creations. Once assembled, you must lead your team through the Adventure mode, competing against other teams from across the land. By beating the LEGOLAND team, you'll gain entry to the LEGO World Cup Finals.

Alternatively, players can jump straight into the LEGO World Cup mode, where you must guide a national LEGO team to the finals, and eventually, the ultimate prize. The Skill Zone mode provides a series of mini-games that teach players the basics, from shooting to tackling and dribbling. The more competitive at heart can also take part in multiplayer exhibition matches with support for up to four players simultaneously. Existing teams can be chosen, or if so desired, new ones can be created from scratch. Twenty-three themed stadiums are provided and encompass LEGOLAND in its entirety, from the Wild West to the medieval area

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