Silent Scope 3

Product Information
Konami's third release in their Silent Scope series of sniper games once again sets its sights on PlayStation 2. Two different versions of shooting action are included on the single-player disc, the original arcade version of Silent Scope EX and a specially designed home version of Silent Scope 3. Players are once again cast in the role of the world's greatest sharpshooter, this time on a mission to stop a terrorist group from seizing top-secret cloning technology. As in the two previous console versions, the game is played from a first-person viewpoint with players aiming crosshairs at enemies and then using a scope to zoom in for a precision shot.

While the gun accessory featured in the arcades is not available for this release, the title supports both analog control and use of the mouse. Silent Scope 3 also makes use of 3D-Phonic sound, a licensed technology allowing players to pinpoint enemies using ambient audio cues instead of visual displays. The arcade version features three options: Story, Free Play, and Shooting Range. Story involves clearing a series of missions in order as players follow a specific narrative, while Free Play lets players revisit cleared stages for fun and practice. Shooting Range consists of multiple timed drills where players practice hitting armed targets while avoiding innocent civilians.

Silent Scope 3 features a different storyline than Silent Scope EX and lacks the continue option, meaning games instantly end when a player's health is reduced to zero. Players can, however, save completed missions to memory card, letting them resume where they last left off. Missions take place in seven distinct regions: a harbor, research lab, casino, dam, canal, oil rig, and ironworks. Some missions take place from various positions along the ground, while others are from inside a moving helicopter hovering above the targets. A number of customization options are available for both games, including violence level, difficulty, button layout, and the scope's size, transparency, and overall speed.



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