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In the tradition of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell and Hitman 2 comes Rogue Ops, a third-person shooter starring a female ex-Green Beret named Nikki Connors. Her goal and the player's is to stop the terrorist group known as Omega 19, the same organization that ruthlessly stole her husband and child away from her after a bomb explosion. Now on a quest for vengeance, Connors must complete eight missions in an attempt to infiltrate Omega 19 and put a stop to its nefarious deeds once and for all.

To complete her objectives, Connors must rely on her skills in both combat and stealth. Players can use shadows to hide from patrolling guards, sneak up and pick their pockets to gain access to security cards, and perform silent attacks to disarm and disable her unsuspecting foes. Once a guard is taken down, players can pick up and hide the body so others won't detect it and sound the alarms. Nikki Connors can also find and use ten weapons, ranging from pistols and dart guns to sniper rifles and grenades, as well as devices such as infrared and x-ray goggles.

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