Q-Ball: Billiards Master (pre-owned)

Product Information
Q-Ball: Billiards Master features a number of different billiards games that you can play alone or with a friend. 8-ball, regular pool, and 9-ball are the main games included. If you don't have a friend around, you can select one of the A.I. opponents, each of whom has different strengths and weaknesses. If you're not interested in a single match, there is a round-robin style mode where you can play different opponents, either human or A.I., to determine who rules the table.

The game also features a unique mode called Frozen Mode. The task here is to get the ball as close to another predetermined ball without touching it. As you progress through the levels of this mode, your tasks become more complicated. You'll have to pocket a first ball and then approach the object ball. And then pocket two balls, and so on. While making an actual shot, you can check out the angles, position the cue to give the ball a lot of English or just a little, and then utilize the analog buttons to make a hard shot or give the ball a soft, gentle tap.



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