Brought to you by the world famous puzzle maker Nikoli, engage your mind with 5 diverse andchallenging puzzles inside this authentic Nintendo 3DS puzzle game! Take the game on the go,play on breaks, or relax at home with this invigorating puzzler. Offering a variety of games atseveral difficulties, Nikoli's Pencil Puzzle brings fan-favorite puzzles right to your finger tips!

  • Challenge Yourself –Sharpen your wit in over 600 puzzles spread across 5 entertaining games:
    • Sudoku - The classic numbers game comes to life in 3-D
    • Bridges - Quickly link all the islands on screen with bridges, making sure to match the onscreen numbers to the amount of islands you are connecting together
    • Boxes - Divide the board into rectangles where each piece has to be included with the digit that will be the size of the boxes.
    • Museum - Light up an entire hall without overlapping the lighting with the limited number of lights given to you. Remember, the light illuminates until it hits the wall.
  • Exclusive 3D Puzzle - Unlock an exclusive puzzle, specifically created for the Nintendo 3DS.
  • Choose Your Controls - Utilize 2 sets of controls using either the stylus or the control pad.
  • Manage Your Game - Dual screen support with lower screen displaying the game and the upper screen showing the pieces in 3D.

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