Nicktoons Movin (pre-owned)

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Designed specifically for use with Sony's EyeToy PlayStation 2 accessory, Nicktoons Movin' features 11 party-style mini-games that have players controlling the action just by moving their hands, arms, legs, and bodies. The festivities are hosted by the popular SpongeBob SquarePants and his best pal, Patrick Star. Fairly OddParents fans help fix Wanda and Cosmo's goldfish bowl in one game, and extreme sports-oriented players can try to score a hockey goal against Rocket Power's Otto in another. Jimmy Neutron needs help landing a rocket, and players can also go for a spin with SpongeBob's favorite driving instructor, Mrs. Puff. The game supports up to eight players who are willing to jump, wave, and wiggle onscreen for fun and high scores.

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