Mia Hamm soccer (pre-owned)

Mia Hamm soccer (pre-owned)

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Join America's Olympic soccer hero Mia Hamm as she leads an all-star team through a variety of different challenges. Compete in a league, play exhibition matches or go for the sport's ultimate prize -- the World Cup.

Mia Hamm Soccer 64 includes 32 international teams and 18 U.S. league squads, as well as Hamm's all-star team. There's also commentary from 1999 World Cup announcer Wendy Gebauer and tips from Hamm herself, which are designed to help players with their actual soccer game in addition to their electronic one.

Players are also given the option of choosing between 10 different stadiums and a variety of weather conditions. These can either be specified by the player or chosen randomly. Additionally, players are given the option of choosing between two sets of controls, a basic mode where the CPU retains some control, and Professional mode, in which everything is in your hands.

The game accommodates one to four players who can compete against each other in individual matches, or in League and World Cup modes. Their is also a Practice mode which allows players to work on their basic skills including corner kicks, free kicks, direct free kicks and penalty kicks.

League mode allows players to compete in a tournament against teams from various American cities. Statistics are kept for the entire season, so the goal is to lead your team to the top of the standings.

World Cup mode puts players into competition against a selection of International League Teams, with Hamm's All-Stars representing the U.S.. This mode has a higher level of difficulty than league play and has been designed for experienced players.

Additional features offered in Mia Hamm Soccer 64include the ability for players to choose various formations for their team, and referees who enforce the rules of the game by handing out red and yellow cards, awarding free kicks and calling other penalties.