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  • EA Sports' blockbuster football series is back with Madden NFL 08. Focusing on "weapons," in game events, and features from previous titles, Madden NFL 08 offers gamers another chance to create a dream season alone or in multiplayer competitions. The "weapons" concept returns, and gamers can now locate dangerous players by reading weekly scouting reports, watching player introductions, and by using trigger buttons before the snap on the field. There are a total of 24 different "weapons" and they include big hitters, defensive linemen, running backs, and catch receivers. Each "weapon" has a counter-weapon that gamers must uncover in order to bring a potentially destructive competitor down. However, by completing the mini-games in "Franchise" or "Owner" mode, players can alter the attributes for each team member.

    On the field, a number of events return including hurdles, player celebrations, and defensive hot routes. Now when a competitor is gearing up to lunge for the legs of the ball carrier, gamers can hurdle over them and avoid going down. After jumping over his adversary, the carrier can then make his way to the end zone for a touchdown and a celebration animation. Gamers can select from 60 different signature moves including Chad Johnson's "River Dance," Rex Grossman's "Gator Chomp," and Dante Hall's "X." In the trophy room, players can revisit victories by viewing awards for rushing and passing records and multiplayer competitions. Additionally, gamers can now create different rings to earn as they progress through the game.

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