Dr. Muto

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Dr. Muto has a problem -- he's inadvertently blown up his home planet! Tasked with discovering a new source of energy for the beleaguered world, the quirky doctor manages instead to cause planet Midway to shatter into fragments. As the bumbling mad scientist, players must traverse four different worlds, all the while acquiring DNA, Isotopes, Terra, and other such items that will allow him to rebuild his "broken" planet. Though only capable of such basic feats as running and jumping, Dr. Muto can, using his Splizz device, extract the DNA of any being encountered on his travels.

Once the correct DNA combination has been pilfered from their unwitting hosts, Dr. Muto can morph into one of any number of half-breed mutants -- comical caricatures that retain some of Muto's characteristics along with those of the creature he morphs into. Along with cosmetic differences, each of these new forms imbues the doctor with new abilities and powers. The spider form for example, allows Muto to shoot webbing and scamper across cobwebs strewn about the environments, while the mouse form facilitates access to smaller, previously inaccessible areas. Of course, with each transformation comes a caveat, whether it be reduced speed or lessened attack power. To complete the game's objectives and defeat bosses, Dr. Muto must make use of the intrinsic abilities of each mutation.

Blocking his path are numerous objectives, puzzles, and of course hostile creatures. The latter include beasts known as Gomers that can be dispatched or alternatively, "captured." Utilizing a device reminiscent of Wild 9's Rig weapon, players can suspend enemies in the air momentarily, before hurling them at switches and other obstacles. Dr. Muto is aided in his quest by a sentient computer known as AL, who provides the bespectacled protagonist with advice and information pertaining to the many items the doctor must collect, along with a plethora of snide remarks.

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