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The first non-Halo title developed by Bungie Software in more than a decade, Destiny incorporates MMO elements into FPS action set 700 years in the future, long after a massive, mysterious orb known as The Traveler entered the solar system, drastically altered the climates of Mars, Venus, and the Moon, and set off a new Golden Age of human exploration and colonization. But The Traveler's ancient enemy soon followed, laying waste to nearly all of civilization and leaving the benevolent orb hovering in low orbit over Earth, protecting only the land beneath from attack.

Society rebounded in the protective shadow of The Traveler, creating one last great city, and fighting a number of wars to keep that city intact. These battles gave rise to the Guardians, warriors capable of harnessing some of The Traveler's power. Players take on the role of a Guardian, protecting the last city from attack and exploring long-lost civilizations on Earth and its closest neighbors. Gamers can create and customize their Guardian, choosing from the cyborg Exo, ethereal Awoken, and Human species, and then selecting from the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan classes. Species type affects only physical appearance, but each class has specific skill trees, abilities, weapons, and subclasses.

Destiny is optimized for multiplayer action, but solo gamers can still take part in the majority of the integrated campaign. Accompanied by their AI robot Ghost, players set out to discover the remains of great Golden Age civilizations, exploring the dangerous frontiers of Earth, traveling through subterranean labyrinths on the Moon, cutting through the lush jungles of Venus, and visiting massive Martian skyscrapers now buried under the sand. As gamers explore the solar system they will collect resources to upgrade their weapons and gear, and confront a variety of powerful enemies, including the zombie-like Hive, the time-traveling Vex cyborgs, the hulking, heavily armed Cabal, and the six-limbed, humanoid Fallen.

Multiplayer fans have a variety of options in Destiny, including arena-based PvP action in Crucible mode, and the co-op Strike mode, in which three gamers team up for short, structured adventures. Destiny also includes the Tower, where the perspective switches to third-person, and players can change their equipment, join factions, and form alliances with other gamers. Public Events offer the global community random challenges, while those seeking an end-game experience can take part in six-player Raids, which are designed to be extremely difficult and time-consuming.