Crimson Tears

Product Information
Crimson Tears is a console-style action role-playing game set in a grim, near-future Tokyo. The player takes the role of one of three more-human-than-human heroes, each with different strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits: the icy android Amber is deadly with her twin blades and excels at melee; Kadie is a walking biological weapon, still learning how to behave in the world but already a expert with heavy artillery; Tokio boasts a mastery of marksmanship and specializes with his twin pistols. The story leads the player's chosen hero through an epic series of scripted events and random encounters, toward a final confrontation with the creator -- a mysterious weapons manufacturer known as "A.R.M.A." Fast-paced action and stylized cel-shaded graphics add to the foreboding cyberpunk feel of the adventure.



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