City Crisis (pre-owned)

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Players engage in a series of search-and-rescue missions throughout a city fraught with danger in the aptly titled City Crisis. As a helicopter pilot, the player uses both analog sticks to put out fires, rescue trapped civilians, and help the police pursue criminals throughout a sprawling metropolis. Training and Time Attack modes help familiarize players with the 3D levels, while the Mission mode serves as the game's primary method of play. Players can select from a list of available crises, each of which falls into one of two categories: Chase and Rescue.

Chase has players weaving in and out of buildings while trying to keep a high-powered searchlight trained on suspects being pursued by the police. The second mission type, Rescue, involves extinguishing fires and rescuing civilians. The helicopter comes equipped with water "missiles" and a standard hose with which to extinguish fires. While missiles are more effective, they can only be replenished by successfully rescuing civilians. The hose, on the other hand, replenishes automatically but takes longer to drench fires.

Overall performance in each of the game's levels is rated at the end of a stage, and exceptional achievements are rewarded with two hidden levels. Multiple rescue choppers are available for selection, each with individual ratings in speed, handling, and passenger capacity. Throughout each mission an in-game timer mercilessly ticks away, requiring players not only to perform their duties effectively, but quickly as well.

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