Blowout (pre-owned)

Product Information
In the spirit of Konami's classic Contra series comes BlowOut, a platform shooter that has players exploring what's left of a U.S. Marine space station overrun by aliens. As John "Dutch" Cane, players will have at their disposal an upgradeable space suit, an arsenal of weapons, and sensor equipment to pick up hostile life forms. Played from a side-scrolling perspective, BlowOut features more than 18 levels filled with 14 types of enemies. From spider bugs and roaches to sentry guns and shock pulses, players must wary of aliens as well as the environment.

Futuristic and traditional weapons include an electric minigun, chainsaw, pump-action shotgun, flamethrower, plasma rifle, machine gun, nail gun, and more, each of which can be fired in a 360-degree range of motion. Players can also find and use two types of modifiers along the way. One type improves the damage, range, and efficiency of weapons, while the other type improves the space suit's attributes in the areas of health, speed, invisibility, and more. To further help players, the game features sentry drones that can either absorb damage or unleash it.



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