Twisted Metal: Black ps2
Twisted Metal: Black ps2

Twisted Metal: Black ps2

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Take to the battle-scarred roads with fury and unrelenting rage in "Twisted Metal: Black" for the Sony PlayStation 2. Developed by Incognito Entertainment and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, this game throws players into a vehicle demolition derby. Rated M for Mature, it was originally released in 2001 for PS2 as the fifth installment in the "Twisted Metal" series. In 2004, the Online Greatest Hits version was released. Featuring a wide selection of highly disturbed characters and monstrous vehicles to choose from, "Twisted Metal: Black" is a festival of violence on the roads that will keep gamers returning for more vehicular carnage. Taking place in a fictional place called Midtown, "Twisted Metal: Black" centers around a single-elimination tournament of death run by an evil figure called Calypso. Calypso is a seemingly god-like entity who possesses the power to grant wishes, promising to fulfill the utmost desire of whichever contestant wins the Twisted Metal tournament. As a demonic character, he treats the tournament as violent entertainment, and the show of brutal fighting between contestants greatly amuses him. To harvest contestants, he visits the Blackfield Asylum near Midtown, where many deranged individuals are imprisoned. There, he makes his pitch to damned characters, like the serial killer Sweet Tooth and the beauty-obsessed Dollface, recruiting them into the tournament with the promise of fulfilling their wishes. The rules are simple: Kill everyone and everything to reach the top or die trying. The gameplay is fast-paced and brutally intense, with gamers expected to always keep moving or face certain death. More than 10 types of vehicles with varying accessories are available at the beginning of this PlayStation game. Later in the game, the Minion and four other types of vehicles are unlockable. Gamers will take control of the automobile of their choosing and be allowed access to a wide variety of weapons and power-up systems that spawn across the battlefield. It’s critically important to harvest these accessories, like homing missiles and other advanced weaponry because they provide significant advantages in firepower over opponents. Health packs are acquirable from helicopters as well, and these become integral to survival as the player’s vehicle gets bombarded with increasing levels of artillery. With a long list of more than 20 locations, like the Junkyard, Skyscrapers, and Drive-In levels, "Twisted Metal: Black" features wide-open spaces in which multiple contestants can mercilessly fight each other to the death.In addition to single-player campaigns, including the Story, Challenge, and Endurance modes, the video game has a multiplayer mode. Gamers can ruthlessly assault each other in their death-dealing vehicles in death matches that support up to four players via a split screen. This Online Greatest Hits version allows for players to engage in combat online as well. Automobile controls are impressively responsive and the graphics are appropriately dark for the theme of the game. Gamers will experience deep levels of immersion with the engrossing, unique backstory and high-quality videos developed for each character. "Twisted Metal: Black" for the PS2 is a vehicular combat game that provides a satisfying conduit for competitive road play.