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Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa are the last hope for Springfield in The Simpsons Game for PlayStation 2. Featuring cartoon-like, cel-shaded graphics and 3D environments, The Simpsons Game offers players a chance to control each member of the flawed family (even baby Maggie) in a series of 16 "episodes" spread across four acts. Each episode parodies films, television shows, and particularly video games, with the latter skewering such mainstays as Grand Theft Auto, EverQuest, and the publisher's own Medal of Honor series. Two playable family members are featured in an episode, with solo gamers able to freely switch between the pre-selected pair to take advantage of a character's special attributes. Cooperative play with a friend is also supported throughout the animated adventure, which mixes elements of platform hopping, projectile firing, and puzzle solving.

Homer's abilities befit his slovenly persona: a belch of acrid gas and the power to transform into a blob to bounce or bowl over enemies. Bart fires a slingshot and transforms into Bartman, while Marge barks orders into a bullhorn and dons a policeman's cap for added strength. Lisa, on the other hand, disarms enemies with her sax and calls on the "hand of Buddha" to unleash various attacks. Each character can also activate special moves by filling up an energy meter or by finding power-ups. Character-specific collectibles are available as well, such as Duff bottle caps or Krusty coupons, which unlock one of two trophies per level. Players can even discover multiple video game clichés, from double jumps to invisible walls, each narrated with particular disdain by Comic Book Guy. The Simpsons Game features a storyline crafted by the show's Emmy-winning writers and dialogue voiced by the original cast members.

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