The Operative: No One Lives Forever (PRE-OWNED)

The Operative: No One Lives Forever (PRE-OWNED)

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No One Lives Forever is a first-person spy adventure that takes place in a world that we'd all recognize, even if it never really existed. Settings and storylines are reminiscent of Sean Connery's early James Bond films, with a healthy dose of Get Smart and Austin Powers thrown in for good measure. In designing the game world for No One Lives Forever, great effort was devoted to finding the perfect balance of 1960s post-modern kitsch and full-on, gut wrenching action.

As operative Cate Archer the player will need to make her way through many diverse 3D environments, populated by wary guards and unique enemy bosses. As a top operative of the super-secret international anti-terrorist group UNITY, Cate has lots of weapons and gadgets at her disposal. She can gain access to 30 different weapons in all, many of which have four or five different settings or modes of fire. Cate's spy gadgets include a cigarette lighter that doubles as a welding torch, several shades of exploding lipstick, and even a robotic poodle.

Hopefully this will be enough, as Cate will need all the help she can get as she investigates the latest catastrophe to hit UNITY. It seems that nearly half of the active UNITY operatives have been eliminated in just one short week and rival underground organization H.A.R.M. is bound to be involved somehow. This could mean a face-to-face confrontation with infamous H.A.R.M. operatives like Armstrong, the boxing Scotsman, or Inga, the neurotic tone-deaf opera diva. This could mean trouble for Cate Archer.

No One Lives Forever is the first game written to run on the LithTech 2.5 3D engine. The game features realistic AI, with enemies that listen for footsteps, notice footprints, and call for back up in a heartbeat. Even "normal" citizens on the street behave rationally and react specifically to certain situations. The in-game music changes according to the action and cinematic scenes blend smoothly from gameplay, in an attempt to provide the player with an engrossing, unified experience.