Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror - Black Label

Product Information
One of the PSP's standout titles makes its PS2 debut with the release of Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror. The console version features the same levels as the ambitious handheld predecessor, so players will control agent extraordinaire Gabriel Logan through 28 missions spread across seven episodes. Logan is part of an international team of covert operatives ordered to perform surgical strikes on the deadliest threats to the United States. Combining stealth sequences with movie-style firefights, Dark Mirror has players crouching, jumping, crawling, climbing, and killing from a third-person perspective.

An arsenal of weapons is available to eliminate enemy combatants, from assault rifles and sub-machine guns to grenades and rocket launchers. Logan can also use night vision, infrared, and various other goggles to help him plan his attacks, or in some cases, his escape. As a bonus, each mission includes "hidden evidence" that unlocks content in the form of movies, concept art, and music. While most of the content between games is identical, the PS2 version features some notable changes: the controls support both analog sticks, some explicit dialogue and violence has been altered or edited out, and online multiplayer support has been removed.



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