Shadow of the Colossus (pre-owned)

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Delve into the depths of a fantasy-themed, puzzle, and action-adventure video game designed by the creators of the popular and critically acclaimed cult hit Ico. Shadow of the Colossus for the PlayStation 2 opens a portal into a world filled with color and creative solutions that are woven into backdrops of magic and vivid environments. Rescue the sleeping princess, named Mono, from suspended animation in a race to defeat 16 Colossi, enormous enemies that can be defeated through exploration. Discover its weak points to overcome the enemy and move onto the next platform. This video game offers an unusual fantasy and engaging action adventure with high-definition graphics and an engaging story.Since its release date in 2006, Shadow of the Colossus has been a notable game on the PlayStation 2 system. You play as Wander, and your mission is to rescue Mono and save her. Armed with only a sword and a bow and arrow, you set out on a great trek across vast stretches of wilderness, your horse Agro your only companion. You will find no villages or towns on your quest, and you will meet few creatures save each Colossus. This makes the gameplay unusual since interacting with other characters is rare. The only things you can rely upon are Agro and your own ingenuity to discover each Colossus's weakness. There is much more to the story than this, but the true reward for playing a game such as this is to discover the story firsthand. Shadow of the Colossus for the PlayStation was a unique game when it was created because it eschewed many of the elements typical of video games. It also contained elements of many different genres. A large part of the game simply involves spanning the vast expanses of wilderness the game has to offer. Your horse is an essential part of this due to the fact that he makes it possible to scale great distances quickly. In addition, Agro is also essential to combat some of the Colossi. If you do not learn how to master Agro, it makes completing the game much more difficult.In addition to the striking geography, Shadow of the Colossus features an innovative combat system. To defeat many of the enemies, you will have to climb them and resist their attempts to throw you down. Only by climbing them can you reach their weak spot. Some enemies can only be survived with the aid of your horse while others must be defeated at a distance. Since every Colossus must be handled differently, innovation and creative thinking are necessary to win.Shadow of the Colossus was a Sony exclusive and is available for the PS2. The game is also available for digital download on the PlayStation 3. Due to its massive success and popularity, the game was released as Shadow of the Colossus: Greatest Hits. Accompanied by an amazing soundtrack, you'll be thoroughly immersed in the storyline and enjoy the emotional journey the hero makes in Shadow of the Colossus for PlayStation.



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