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The Ridge Racer® series returns to set the racing world on fire with brand new features, breathtaking stereoscopic 3D visuals, a wider variety of machines, new environments, expanded customization and updated drift mechanics. Ridge Racer® 3D will be the hottest racing game on the Nintendo 3DS. Drift through hairpin turns at blistering speeds to edge out the rest of the pack with powerful drift-tuned cars. Using the stereoscopic 3D power of the Nintendo 3DS, players will be able to experience a level of intimacy with the on-screen races like never before. Players can now accurately judge the distance between them and the competition with 3D depth of field for some of the most intense arcade racing available.

  • 3D Graphics:
    • Dirt will fly through the screen on rough terrain
    • Nitrous flames will burst out of tail pipes in a brilliant show of the game's particle effects
  • New Machines:
    • Highly powered muscle machines join the traditional lineup
  • All New Drift Mechanic:
    • Enjoy the thrill of drift racing with ease using the new Drift Button
    • Attack and drift through tight corners without losing speed and position
  • Breathtaking Environments and Courses:
    • Drift through exciting and vibrant courses
    • Brand new canyons and snow-capped mountain courses as well as other favorite courses from the past
  • Play with Friends:
    • Up to 4 player high impact, competitive races using Nintendo 3DS Local Play
    • Choose use a registered Mii, tag, or your very own photo during a race and know exactly who you're racing against
    • Playing with friends has never been more heated and fun
  • StreetPass Compatible:
    • Swap Ghost Data with other players through StreetPass
    • Create your personal “My Ranking” profile by swapping course records with your friends
Number of Online Players:
2-4 local play
Number of Players:
1 offline