Resident Evil CODE : Veronica

Resident Evil CODE : Veronica

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This title is a port of an important release in the Resident Evil series which was once available only for the Dreamcast console. The PlayStation 2 version of Resident Evil -- CODE: Veronica X is similar to the original Dreamcast release in nearly every relevant way though it contains additional cut-scenes.

Resident Evil -- CODE: Veronica X picks up where the PlayStation's Resident Evil 2 left off, in Raccoon City. There, the Umbrella Corporation performed scientific experiments that went wrong. The result of their experiments was a virus that led to the creation of a huge number of zombies as well as a variety of other creatures bent on a path of death and destruction. As members of S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad), players did the best they could to stop the Umbrella Corp.'s madness, but ultimately Raccoon City and all of its inhabitants were wiped out.

Despite their failure in Raccoon City, Umbrella Corp. continues their experiments in their facilities located throughout the world as they attempt to create a powerful bio-weapon. Players first take on the role of Claire Redfield who had a starring role in Resident Evil 2. Before the start of the game she had been searching for her brother Chris Redfield, a hero from the first Resident Evil who is currently investigating Umbrella Corp.'s activities in Europe.

After sneaking into an Umbrella Corp. facility in France, Claire was captured and transported to an Umbrella Corp. prison in South America. The game begins shortly after arriving at the prison when a lab explosion occurs allowing Claire to escape. Now, you must figure out exactly where you are and what is going on, all the while avoiding hordes of zombies.

Resident Evil -- CODE: Veronica X features Claire Redfield as the main character but players will also be able to play as her brother Chris Redfield. In previous Resident Evil games players had the ability to play the game as different characters as well. However, this time players will not be tackling the same puzzles and seeing the same things as they play through the game with each character. This time the characters are being used during the same adventure.

Also new to the series is that some of the weapons are doubled up. With a weapon in each hand players can target multiple enemies or do twice as much damage to one target. Weapons featured in the game include: a combat knife, Beretta M93R, crossbow, M79 Grenade Launcher (along with grenades it can fire napalm, gas, and acid), French SPAS-12 Shotgun, Magnum, dual automatic handguns, dual Uzis, and an AK-47 Assault Rifle.

All of the backgrounds are rendered in real-time, are completely three-dimensional and all of the action moves at a constant 60 frames per second. In the first three Resident Evil games, much of the action was viewed from fixed camera angles. However, this time around the camera does not jump between fixed angles as often. Most of the time a camera will follow your actions, panning and zooming at the appropriate times. As players progress through the game, real-time cinemas will appear at particular moments. During the cinemas players will be able to read a character's emotions through their facial expressions.