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2K's Visual Concepts studio, the team behind NBA2K14, has seen it all in the video game world. Founded in 1988, the team has experienced countless new gaming system launches over the years. But never one like this year, with the launch of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Re-energized by the new systems' technology, the seasoned team at VC has developed a completely new experience for next gen NBA 2K14, featuring re-built game modes, a brand new gameplay engine, and stunning lifelike graphics.


To truly take the game to the next level, to nail the thousands of interconnected details that create a next generation visual experience, artists had to change the way they work, starting with the materials that make up the NBA 2K environment. Rubber, plastic, metal, and vinyl. In the past artists would individually recreate each item, but now the next gen technology enables the team to build a library of materials with the correct index of refraction, reflection amount and so forth. Everything in game, from the scorer's table and backboards, to human elements such as skin texture and sweat, was re-created to ensure the whole package lives up to the new standards of realism that the next gen technology affords.


With Ecomotion, the entire NBA experience comes to life in ways never before seen in a video game. Crowd reactions, atmosphere, coaching strategies, real player voices, and most of all the emotion of the game. Player animations are dynamic, and evolve on the fly as you play. Player personalities and emotions factor into the game as well, affecting how players perform and even behave on the court. Now, you will feel the emotion of the game in a living, evolving basketball environment. Check out our Eco-Motion trailer for more details on the groundbreaking new engine.


A brand new feature for next gen NBA 2K14 is NBA Today. Stats, videos and scores, all tied to the real NBA in ways never seen before in a video game. The focal point of NBA Today is the Daily Zap, featuring video from the previous day's games delivered directly to your PS4 or Xbox One daily from Accompanying the Daily Zap, gamers can view the latest standings, scores and top performers. The very same data used to adjust rosters using the new Dynamic Living Rosters system, all viewable 24 hours a day in NBA Today.


MyGM is a complete re-imagination of what a franchise mode should be, built exclusively for the next gen consoles. What separates MyGM from other franchise modes is what 2K calls the ‘Human Experience', which plays out in a robust new Conversation Engine. Everything you say and do shapes the world around you as you oversee an entire organization, right down to the details of staffing, managing player expectations, game pricing, team facilities, and much, much more. The decisions you make have ripple effects throughout the organization, both on and off the court. The Conversation Engine will remember everything you say, so each decision is vital to your success both short term and long term.


My TEAM returns in a new and improved format for Next Gen NBA 2K14. Earn, collect and build your ideal lineups to compete in tournaments, challenge online users in Road to the Playoffs, or take on the actual NBA teams in new Domination mode.


Who could forget My CAREER, NBA 2K's most popular mode. My Career has taken on a life of its own for next gen. Now you live your career not only on the court, but off the court too with an all new, player driven narrative experience. There is a full cast of characters, endorsements from real world companies like adidas, Nike and Gatorade, and endless branching path storylines that will keep you asking what will happen next. Over 40 hours of gameplay await you in the first year alone. New to MyCAREER, when your My Player needs a break from the grind of the NBA season, press conferences and commercial shoots, there's a place you can go to play some pickup games with 100 of your closest friends….

  • ECO-MOTION ENGINE - 2K's ground-breaking, dynamic gameplay engine marries real life physics, player emotion and deep controls to deliver a seemingly endless variation of actions and reactions that can only be achieved with next-generation technology.
  • MyCAREER - Experience the NBA life like never before both on and off the court as you develop and hone your MyPLAYER through an epic and immersive branching story mode.
  • THE PARK - An all-new, massive-multiplayer playground mode where up to 100 MyPLAYERs in a single Park can play street ball, socialize, watch games in progress, and more.
  • MyGM - A re-imagined franchise mode that takes grabbing the reins of team management to the next level. Create a GM, craft your management style through attributes, manage relationships with players and staff, meet goals set by owners and more in an attempt to earn a championship under your watch.