MLB 15: The Show (pre-owned)
MLB 15: The Show (pre-owned)

MLB 15: The Show (pre-owned)

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Take to the baseball field in your desired position with the MLB 15: The Show PlayStation 4 game. MLB 15: The Show offers more than just a series of roster changes. It also has features such as graphical enhancements and an overhauled gameplay system. MLB 15: The Show presents realistic gameplay by offering authentic likenesses for both stadiums and players. For example, if you choose to play in San Diego, you'll actually feel like you're at Petco Park and recognize the accurate portrayals of your favorite Padres. This title is also the first year that Sony used licensed equipment. Your batting gloves, cleats, and bats are the same products that the players in real life use. Lastly, this title added 10 more minor league stadiums.MLB 15: The Show is the first baseball game released on the system to use year-to-year saves. That means if you already had an ongoing season in MLB 14, you can continue it with MLB 15. Likewise, your saved game in the PS4 version of MLB 15 will also transfer to MLB 16: The Show. MLB 15: The Show offers a number of fun graphical elements. The seasonal shadows will accurately replicate the position of the sun. For example, play a game at 7 PM in Washington D.C., and it will already be dark. If you host a ballgame during the during the afternoon in Los Angeles, the sun will be shining brightly in the sky. Each player features accurate skin tone hues as well. Sony provided more skin tone variations in the game to give a more authentic look, each boasting a higher level of gloss than previous incarnations. This game for PS4 also lets you see accurate details throughout both the crowd and field. The title features a wide array of elements that make it easy to field the ball. An artificial intelligence program means your outfielders can take direct routes to pick up the ball. The motion system gives players the ability to pick up and throw the baseball faster. Tag and speed systems ensure you pick off runners before they even make it to first base. Batters also benefit from their own swing system. The controls are simplified on this title, so you can hit more balls and hit them farther. The pitching elements make it enjoyable to strike out a batter. You can make the call the shake off a pitcher and go with your own pitch to put the opposing batter away. Games against the computer are intense and challenging. When you play better, the computer also does better. Franchise mode is enabled on The Show. It allows you to manage owner expectations while also managing your team. Every decision you make will be scrutinized by the proprietor. If you're looking to bring in some extra cash, you can partner up with a brand sponsor. The MLB 15: The Show on the PS4 is another stellar entry in this franchise. With exciting gameplay systems in place and a difficulty level that adjusts to your skill, no two games are the same, which makes this title appealing when it comes to repeated playability. Even casual fans of the sport will love how realistic MLB 15: The Show is on PS4.