Major League Baseball 2K5 (pre-owned)

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The "2K5" edition of Kush Game's Major League Baseball offers an array of options that seems designed to appeal to baseball gamers of all preferences. To start, the game offers two styles of play: the fast and forgiving "Video Game" mode, and the simulation-style "Pure Baseball Mode." Two pitching interfaces are offered as well, and at the plate, sluggers can choose "True Aim" or "Cursor Batting" systems. This year's edition also gives gamers a new level of control over base-runners, allowing them to call for lead-offs and steals with a flick of an analog stick, or even to take direct control of the runner as the computer bats for the player at the plate. As in years past, the game features teams, rosters, and stadiums based on the most recent season of Major League Baseball. Online play is supported for Internet-connected PS2 and Xbox Live gamers.

Though originally announced as "ESPN Major League Baseball 2K5," the sports network branding was dropped from the title when it was announced that competing publisher EA Sports had acquired exclusive use of the ESPN license in upcoming years. ESPN-style commentary and presentation are still featured in the game, however, even if not in its official title.

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