Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter

Product Information
Blending ground-based shooting with outer space combat, Bounty Hunter is a sci-fi adventure starring a former soldier named Mace Griffin. After being framed and imprisoned for the murder of his brothers-in-arms, Griffin returns to society as a bounty hunter who has vowed to find out who or what is responsible. As he explores the far reaches of space searching for information, Griffin will make contact with an assortment of human and alien characters, both friend and foe.

Bounty Hunter's open-ended gameplay offers randomly generated missions to increase the main character's notoriety and personal wealth. Cash received from successful missions can be used to upgrade firearms and ship weapons at specific shops. While the majority of action is played from a first-person viewpoint on the ground, the act of traveling to and from destinations is accomplished via spaceship. Hostile encounters with creatures in space may also affect relations with that particular race on the surface.

As the main character gains renown across the galaxy, players will be able to unravel more of the story and embark on specific missions designed to further the main plot. United Kingdom developer Warthog also designed a special engine called TUSK, allowing for complete movement in and out of the spaceship without the use of cut-scenes or transition sequences. In-game environments include space stations, battle cruisers, and various planetary surfaces as players move one step closer to solving the conspiracy.



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