Harvey Birdman

Product Information
Who is the man with the suit? Harvey Birdman, that's who, and he brings his cohorts from the witty Adult Swim comedy with him in Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law. Published by Capcom, whose Phoenix Wright games have already introduced players to the world of video game courtroom drama, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is an interactive story that takes gamers through five outlandish court cases. Birdman must investigate crime scenes to search for evidence, get help from Avenger, Peanut, and Birdgirl, interact with series mainstays like Phil Ken Sebben, Mentok the Mindtaker, and Peter Potamus, and square off against rival lawyers like Myron Reducto, Vulturo, and Stan Freezoid. The gameplay is fully animated and it features the vocal talents of most of the show's actors, with the notable exception of Stephen Colbert. Vignettes full of dialogue and sight gags are triggered as players successfully navigate various menus to help Birdman search for clues, travel to familiar show locations, and pick the proper questions and answers when addressing witnesses and the jury.



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