Godai: Elemental Force (pre-owned)

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Melding a variety of melee, ranged, and elemental attacks into a fast-paced action-adventure, GoDai: Elemental Force follows the exploits of Hiro, a young man well versed in the art of Taijutsu. A member of the Sukoto clan, Hiro has the ability to harness elements such as wind, water, fire, and earth; the fifth and final element, void, can only be commanded by the most talented of disciples. Using his innate abilities as well as any weapons found along the way, players must guide Hiro through the game's 16 levels, in the hopes of confronting the evil Shogun Akunin and exacting revenge for his nefarious deeds. Martial arts-style glides and leaps can be employed in combat, providing defensive capabilities to equal that of Hiro's offensive power.

Years before, Akunin killed the Elemental Guardian, only to discover that the Guardian Spirit had been passed onto Hiro; a mere infant at the time, just moments before. Rescued by the Sukoto Clan's noble defender, Sho, Hiro is raised under the clan's watchful eye, growing both strong and wise as the years passed. The time, however, has finally come for him to face his destiny. Employing the interestingly titled "Kineticam," movie-style cut-scenes are enacted during key action sequences or whenever the game's protagonist performs an elemental attack. In addition to the single-player story mode, six multiplayer levels, and eight game modes are offered, including Fury, Time Attack, Power-Up Magic, Magic-Off, Melee, Elimination, Cooperation, and Projectile.

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