Final Fantasy XI 11 Chains Of Promathia Expansion

Product Information
Developed for simultaneous release on both PC and PS2, in both Japan and North America, this first expansion pack for the persistent-world RPG Final Fantasy XI adds new weapons, armor, and in-game items, as well as two large new areas to explore. Characters who have reached level 20 may consider traveling to the Tavnazian Archipelago, a group of war-torn islands where once there was a populous peninsula. No too long ago, the nation of Tavnazia enjoyed the riches of trade, but was destroyed by marauding beastmen, who still live among its ruins. The expansion's other new area, Movalpolos, is a subterranean city populated by an unusually stable community of goblins known as Moblins. Their reputed skills as smiths and alchemists suggest that Movapolous will pose many dangers, but also valuable rewards to those who can endure them.



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