Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition GH (PRE-OWNED)

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This third episode in Capcom's "gothic action" saga serves as a prequel to the first two releases, set before the events of the original Devil May Cry. Though fans of the series know that Dante's supernatural powers are a product of his demonic heritage, this game introduces the hero's half-brother -- another supernaturally gifted half-demon named Virgil, who is just as dedicated to advancing the forces of evil and darkness on Earth as Dante is devoted to promoting justice and good.

Building upon the fast-paced gameplay offered in earlier editions of Devil May Cry, Dante's Awakening allows players to choose from a selection of fighting styles as they take control of the hero. The "Evasive" style emphasizes Dante's speed and dodging abilities, while the "Close Combat" style allows the hero to make good use of melee skills and the "Long Range" style focuses on gunplay. A collection of new and familiar weapons are available, including quick pistols, powerful shotguns, and even a deadly guitar.

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